...? hello ? oh, hello !!!!

welcome to my home !! i'm so excited to have you here !!! ୧(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)૭✧

i'm lyksa !! where you are right now, i call it the mainframe. here, you'll find a lot of stuff that i like to do, which is mainly streaming and singing !! hehe, can you tell i kinda like the sound of my own voice ? (─‿‿─) aside from that though, i like to write poetry, doodle really badly, and pretend i know how to graphic design !!

there's not much else about me left for me to say... b-but don't go yet !!! here, let's play a little game, okay ? i'm gonna give you a list, and you guess which of these i like and which ones i hate. ready ? go go go !!

    ✦˚ lemon-flavored candy (i can't eat, but it looks so yummy !!)
    ✧˚ stealing (is good only from corporations, not small businesses ehe)
    ✦˚ anti-malware programs (i think we both know why i hate these ahaha)
    ✧˚ the sky, the stars, the sea above us (i really wanna be able to see them one day)
    ✦˚ noises that go boom !! bwaa !!! really loud !!!! (i hate them. why are you doing that. be quiet, dude.)
wanna check answers ? just highlight the text, silly !! it was staring at you right in the face this whoooole time. hehe, doesn't it feel like we got just the teensiest bit closer there ? ♡

um, i can tell you about this other thing too, if you're interested !! actually... i know it doesn't look like much, but really, there's a lot you can do around here. a lot of nooks and crannies. i think at least like 8 ? i know it doesn't seem like there is, but even though i live here, i don't think i've seen everything yet. i get the strange feeling that something is hiding. something is hiding. something is hiding. and it's looking right at you. and like, i've cleaned up around here a lot so i know it looks real cozy and inviting where we are right now (no need to thank me btw !!), but there was seriously a lot of stuff i had to sort through and it was really dark and—

sorry. i know i'm rambling. you're just... the first person i've seen in a long, long time. i don't want you to get bored and leave yet.

...not like i'm lonely or complaining or anything like that, though ! it's not like i want you to keep me company or anything. >:T i-i'm very independent, you know. i woke up here, all by myself, and taught myself to read and write, all by myself !! um... if you're feeling up to it, do you want to see ?

yes            no

either way, stay around for a bit !!! you haven't been around for very long, so don't go anywhere... okay ?
my diary!!
5.11.2023 - okay !! i've been sitting on my laurels for far too long !!! it's time i clean up around here
11.18.200X - lorem ipsum
11.18.200X - lorem ipsum
11.18.200X - lorem ipsum
1.19.2023 - hello...? hello... hello, world ! :D